What’s good?

Megan McClure
Let’s talk about how efficiently synergetic yet innovatively meaningless corporate buzzwords can become.

When she was little, Megan had big dreams of becoming the next great TV personality. To prepare for her future of fame ahead, she would pretend like she was interviewing people on TV or acting in her own commercials. And while Megan’s goals of stardom didn’t quite pan out as planned, she still loves to meet new people and figure out what makes them tickcelebrity or not. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, she dual-majored in advertising/PR and broadcasting at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is still a proud Husker today. 

At REACTOR, Megan meets, greets and sparks new connections for the company, and when she isn’t out sharing REACTOR’s awesomeness with the world, she is busy planning our next big event. In her free time, Megan can be found binging the latest Netflix fad show, working on her blogging skills or daydreaming about her next travel adventure with her husband, Andrew. 

Whether she’s somewhere abroad or right here in her backyard in Kansas City, Megan likes to think she has never met a stranger and enjoys making meaningful connections as part of the REACTOR team.