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Julie Walter
Let’s talk about craft beer. Or red wine. Is it happy hour yet?

From collecting paint samples as a young child to watching hours of photoshop tutorials in high school, Julie spent her formative years cultivating a love for design. This passion for all things colorful and creative lead her to pursue an arts degree at Kansas State University—where she gained a newfound appreciation for Pantone 268.

Soon after graduating, Julie joined the REACTOR team, bringing fresh ideas and mad foosball skills to the table. Literally. Julie is also an obsessive list maker, pun enthusiast and loves all things turquoise. She has too many favorite TV shows to list here, but her mild obsession with pop culture and dry witty comedy serves as a basis for some unique ideas…or sometimes just the occasional Michael Scott quote.

As the resident Visual Virtuosa, Julie immerses herself in popular culture and vigorous research because she believes legendary design is fueled by great inspiration.