Kansas City Direct Marketing Association

Brand Development

branding / collateral / website

To better reflect the participating members and the modern, data-driven marketing of today, we helped one of Kansas City’s top professional marketing organizations, KCDMA, refresh their brand and bring new life to their local chapter. The multifaceted design represents the many ways data is used in marketing­—from direct mail to targeted digital advertising. Since their events are a core focus for the organization, the new app and website are designed to help users easily access information about upcoming events and simplify the process of registering to attend. The new KCDMA brand experience is now much more relevant to its members and the marketing community alike. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

Our 60 year old organization needed a brand that showed how we have changed and our place in the world of marketing associations. REACTOR’s team dug into what made our organization tick, what made us strong. They brought together feedback from current and past leadership, asked big questions about what made us unique – much broader than design questions; this team got to the heart of our brand.