July 23, 2015 | Advice

5 Signs It Might Be Time For a Rebrand

Having a brand that is fresh and up-to-date is an important factor to being successful in today’s markets. Here are 5 signs that you should look for that may signal it’s time for a change:

1. Lost connection with target audience

When your brand was first developed, a specific audience may have been targeted to give you a clear direction. It helped you to develop and implement tactics and strategies most effective to the brand. If the target audience is no longer responding to and interacting with the brand, you should consider changing your direction. Evaluate your audience’s wants and what resonates with them to create a new plan of action. A rebrand can return your brand to a state of relevance and desirability in your target audience’s eyes.

2. Focus has changed

Today’s markets are ever changing. Sometimes your brand’s focus can change with them. There’s nothing wrong with that! Most brands are product or service specific. Diversification by adding products or services is often used to grow or benefit the business. It’s important for your brand to reflect your current business – so if your focus shifts or expands, shift your brand accordingly. This will ensure you are delivering a clear message and expressing the personality best suited for your audience.

3. Leadership transition

Leadership transitions can bring a multitude of changes. New leaders often bring new initiatives with them and a different way of doing things. The change can be as simple as a name or as complex as a mission statement. Even the way leadership is transitioned affects a brand. Whether it’s through succession planning or an unexpected change, transition can drive the brand in a different direction, which gives you a reason to re-evaluate your brand under the new leadership and make adjustments.

4. Approaching a milestone

Significant changes for your company may call for changes to the brand. Milestones are excellent checkpoints for you to keep your brand fresh and provide the perfect opportunity to brighten up your brand. Milestones create connection with and attract attention of your audience. If your organization is approaching a 10-, 25-, or 50-year anniversary you’re probably already planning a promotion of some sort. Take advantage of the opportunity! It can remind your audience how you have grown and where you are going. However, you must be careful when deciding your plan of action. It is crucial to find a balance between preserving history and modernizing to stay relevant.

5. Need to energize organization

Over time, it’s easy for your brand voice to become lost or so routine that it becomes boring. Revamping your brand is a great way to give your organization an energy boost. This will get your brand back on its feet and your team members motivated. Sometimes your brand just feels outdated or irrelevant. Taking a step back to refocus on what’s exciting and new with your brand may reveal opportunities to energize or invigorate the brand.

Choosing the approach best fit for your organization

Don’t worry if you see a couple or all five of these signs! This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a full rebrand – a light refresh could be perfect for your organization. It depends on the situation and the brand. Once you determine where your brand is now and where you want it to be in the future, you can choose a rebrand approach best fit for your brand.