August 17, 2016 | Events

Back By Popular Demand

REACTOR is excited to partner with the ZZ Hops Home Brewers and the Bochi food truck once again for our September First Friday, Midnight Oil. This show will feature “off the clock” work produced by REACTOR’s very own designers. The phrase “burning the midnight oil” will be given a whole new meaning for this coffee-fueled art extravaganza! During Midnight Oil, Bochi will be selling food outside and ZZ Hops will be providing beer tastings inside.



Bochi food truck is back again and will be serving up some delicious Asian-infused cuisine outside during Midnight Oil. What is Bochi you ask? According to its website, Bochi is an unboned chicken wing. The food truck then stuffs it with fried rice. The truck calls its wings the “only real boneless wings in town," and they are amazing!



Our Instashow on the June First Friday had some amazing beers provided by the ZZ Hops Home Brewers Club. For the Midnight Oil show, the ZZ Hops Home Brewers will have a different selection on tap including a coffee-infused beer! Stop by and savor one of the ZZ Hops’ brews! For more information about the ZZ Hops, feel free to check out their website:


Make sure you stop by the WHOA to enjoy some great food and craft beers and take a look at what our designers can do off the clock at Midnight Oil, September 2nd from 5-9 p.m.