August 23, 2015 | Advice

Content Road Trip

Read more about being in the driver’s seat of your brand content road trip in our White Paper.

Developing strong brand content can be a long and winding road. How do you ensure that you’re headed in the right direction? There are important elements to creating quality content that can shape your brand and help to develop a strong strategy for what you are trying to accomplish.


What kind of content should I create?

As with any good road trip, you have to have an idea of where you'd like to stop along the way! Whether it's a quick pitstop to see the world's biggest ball of yarn or spending a day in San Francisco, it's important to have a time-table. This is also true when developing quality content. Deciding if you are trying to produce quick content in the form of tweets and updates or in-depth content such as a blog or white paper can be integral to the strength of your content strategy. 


How do I handle a delivery schedule and consumer feedback?

Being consistent with the pace at which you deliver content is an important and effective step in making your brand an everyday aspect of your consumers’ lives. Being an interactive content producer and moderating effectively will also ensure that you are a trustworthy and reliable source for your viewers.


Brand Champions and moving forward

Your employees, customers/clients, vendors and media contacts are all brand champions that you should utilize to maintain a positive promotion of your brand content. There is no final destination for successful brand content. By striving to move forward and include individuals who interact with you on a daily basis you can develop content that everyone wants to read and use in their own endeavors.