May 2, 2017 | Events

Getting to Know Dylan Mortimer

Dylan Mortimer’s artwork has a unique personality. His work explores what it means to find some hope in what could be seen as a hopeless situation. He does this by including different imagery and materials to shine light into his own personal struggle. The use of glitter on layered paper in three-dimensional and framed pieces create a space to see his struggle from a place of hope that you won’t want to miss. We had an opportunity to ask Dylan a few questions about his inspiration and method.

How did this most recent collection of work come about?

The recent work came about as my health was declining.  I hadn't included much about my health in the work till then.  But the severity of it compelled me to explore it visually.

How did you start working in glitter?

I work in glitter for a number of reasons.  My ugly diagnosis needed some glitter sprinkled on it.  Glitter is cheap and accessible, yet shines brightly and references divine, unseen things.  I love the thought of glitter covering blood, phlegm and tears. 

What three things inspire your work the most?

I'm inspired by God, my family and friends, and hip hop.

Your current collection is called “Curing.” What message of healing and curing do you feel like your artwork is communicating?

This work attempts to visualize healing.  It is an attempt to find hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Your artwork features a Jordan 1. What is your favorite Jordan shoe of all time?

My favorites are the Jordan 1's.  There's air in the shoes... I need air in my lungs!

If you could create album artwork for a member of Wu-Tang Clan, who would it be and why?

Raekwon is my favorite of the Wu Tang Clan.  The way he weaves street life with themes from gangster movies has influenced a lot of rappers.

What is your favorite place to grab a taco?

I like any taco on Southwest Blvd.  It's hard to pick one place!

To see more about Dylan's work you can visit his website right here.