December 6, 2016 | Awesome

Good Fortune for All

By: Travis Stewart


At REACTOR, we enjoy the Christmas season as much as the next company, but due to our love of everything orange we've always felt a special connection to Halloween. So while most companies are celebrating their clients around this time, we got a jump on things in October with something awesome that all our clients this year could enjoy: some good fortune for 2017!

Thirteen Years of Awesome

2016 marks REACTOR's 13th year in business. While some might find this an unlucky number, we decided to make our own luck and turn our 13th into best year yet, for us and our clients. We started with some special fortune-revealing holiday cards and a primo invitation to our Boo-tacular Spectacular party.





Good Fortune To Go

The best luck requires a little help sometimes. How did your favorite team keep that winning streak alive for so long? Because you wore your lucky shirt 8 days in a row. That's why we created and delivered these handy little kits to give our clients some good fortune to go. The boxes are designed with an air of mystery inspired by ancient superstitions and rituals of luck. We also printed the box wraps on Curious Metallic Ice Gold paper to further compliment the mysterious quality.




Each box contains:

  • 1. A genuine lucky penny + a scratcher lottery ticket to test it out,
  • 2. One of three lucky charms: a rare orange lucky rabbit's foot, a lucky miniature horse shoe, and a handful of lucky four-leaf clover shaped seed paper (don't worry– they grow beautiful perennials instead of annoying weeds), 
  • 3. And an orange-flavored fortune cookie with custom fortunes from REACTOR.







We love going all out for our clients, and that includes showing them our gratitude as well. It's a great feeling hand-delivering these to all the great people we get to work with every day. Every year, we strive to strengthen those relationships and build new ones. So, to all our past, present, and future partners... good luck!