July 21, 2017 | Awesome

Happy Hourians: Volume II

Hello, happy hour enthusiasts!

We’ve rounded up our latest Happy Hourians stops from the past few months and we are here to share our findings once again. Kick back, relax, pour a cocktail and come along for the ride!

April – Ruins Pub


There are not many bars in town that can brag about having 52 beers on tap—40 of which are self-pour. Ruins Pub sits right along the streetcar line on Main and houses unique and bizarre decor, daily food and drink specials, and an old VW bus that doubles as a little seating area. The highlight of Ruins is their self-pouring taps that allow you to try samples or full pints of numerous different beers. If you’re not sure about a certain style, the friendly wait staff is usually nearby to offer up a recommendation. If beer really isn’t your thing, cocktails and wine can be found at the full bar as well.

We recommend: Getting a tap card and trying a few different options!


May – Anton’s


We hit Anton’s on a beautiful May day when the sun was shining, but the heat didn’t make you want to crawl into an air-conditioned ball and cry. The spacious outdoor patio has several large picnic tables ready and waiting for a happy hour crew. Complete with a serene water feature and little fruit garden, Anton’s patio is an urban oasis—ideal for enjoying a cold beer with a cool view of the KC skyline. The indoor space is comfortable as well with the best seats in the house at the bar and additional restaurant seating upstairs. Anton’s generally operates as a dinnertime restaurant (and also a butcher shop), so it is likely to get busier as the night goes on, but for a late afternoon drink when you want to kick back and escape—It’s perfect.

We recommend: A Moscow mule or one of their numerous regional taps. If you’re feeling adventurous (or if you just need to use the restroom) be sure to check out their aquaponics system downstairs.


June – International Tap House (iTap) Crossroads


Since the REACTOR office is just a block away, we had been eagerly awaiting iTap’s opening day since they began work on the building at the corner of 18th and Oak. Their spacious beer hall hosts several long community tables, cozy window seats and a number patio spots. The ever-changing chalkboard of on-tap offerings makes it hard not to find a beer you like, and they also have a hefty menu of bottled offerings to browse through. iTap doesn’t post their prices for each beer, so it may be worth an ask to the attentive and nearby wait staff if you’re curious. We’ve been three times since the place opened at the beginning of June so needless to say, we’re happy they moved to the neighborhood.

We recommend: A Black Walnut Wheat if they have it! Their selections are constantly changing, so if you find a favorite, enjoy it while it lasts.