May 29, 2019 | News

In-House Weather Nerds

You may have seen these faces before, but we took a step back to get to know the two ladies that have taken REACTOR by storm. Meet Melissa Hicks, our new Designer + our new Account Manager, Morgan Noonan.

A question for Mel: If you didn’t go down the route of graphic design, where would you be?

I cycled through many interests including journalism and photo journalism. However, at the appropriate time of me deciding what I should major in, I had a very strong interest in meteorology. I signed up for a meteorology class my senior year of high school hoping for clarity and that it would help me make a decision. I strolled into class without looking down at my textbook, assuming it said Meteorology, only to sit down and hear the teacher welcome us to Astronomy Class.


A question for Morgan: What qualities do you possess that allows you to work well in the role of Account Manager?

I have an inherent sense of curiosity and adventure that really allows me to take action and see things through to the end. An avid dancer, I remember many summers spent in the studio during storms. One of which was while our choreographer was visiting from New York. She had never experienced a tornado and when one took over my town in Iowa, I marched her right outside to watch the sky turn black and the lighting strike, as a true midwesterner always does.