March 27, 2015 | News

Inside Look at Best in Show, “Coffee on Us”

We’ve been getting inquiries about the “Coffee on Us” mailer we created for Commerce Bank, after winning Best in Show at the KCDMA AMBIT Awards. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the concept and process that led to the EPIC piece.

REACTOR and Commerce Bank worked together to develop the “Coffee on Us” concept based on the support Commerce Bank offers to local businesses and the rewards given for using the Commerce Bank Business Credit Card.

The goal of the campaign was to increase usage of the Commerce Bank Business Credit Card by already existing cardholders. We wanted to encourage less-active users of the Business Card to increase purchases by reminding them of the rewards program linked to purchases made with the card.

The rewards program gives businesses a percentage of purchases as cash back on their account, so cardholders are motivated into higher credit card activity. The mailer gives instructions on how to opt-in to the rewards program and offers a coffee gift card as an incentive for signing up. Once the Business Card was registered for the rewards program, they receive a gift card to take a client out for a coffee meeting as the initial reward.



The mailer was designed to build excitement before the envelope was opened due to its tactile feel. The envelope, which used tabs to close rather than adhesive, was a unique cost-effective feature. To emphasize the personal relationship between local businesses and Commerce Bank, the mailer was a variable piece, as each one was personalized and directed to each cardholder.

The attached coffee sleeve served as a takeaway item and a constant reminder of the campaign. To enhance the coffee theme, the mailer had a coffee-scented varnish that triggered the pleasant thought of an actual meeting at a coffee shop.



The mailer was successful in generating traffic and retaining participants. The initial response rate was 3 percent for the promotional period. It’s important to recognize that the target segment was low-active or inactive customers who had been largely unresponsive to the bank for a long period of time. Many hadn’t used their cards in a while, some had only used them for one or two transactions per month (so we would assume that another card is front-of-wallet) and some in the segment may no longer be in business.

The retention rate for the campaign was 78 percent, which was a great return on investment in terms of the long-term success of the program.



We had a lot of fun creating this campaign, and seeing the success it has had is very rewarding for our team. Thank you to Commerce Bank for the opportunity to work on this project, as well as our friends at MediaHead for handling the printing of this unique piece!

If you have more questions about this piece, shoot us at email at and we’d be happy to answer!