July 19, 2016 | Awesome

MasterCard Makeover

Our love and passion has always been branding and design. One of our best examples of this is the nice niche we have built in designing credit cards for clients like Commerce Bank and Town and Country Bank. We are passionate about the process to create these cards for consumers and businesses. We are also excited to see the modern rebranding of MasterCard and how a slight design can impact an entire brand identity.


Of course you are probably wondering, how does a piece of plastic make that big of a difference? In 2014, the average American had at least three credit cards. That is three different designs on three different cards, and each card has its own purpose. The design of a card can even impact how much we want to use a card and can even be a deciding factor for many people when deciding to bank with a certain company.


mastercard-symbol-02Not only are the designs on credit cards important, but so is the design of the credit card company. For the past two decades MasterCard has been evolving with the technology and the changing digital era, and has even created a digital system called MasterPass to compete with tech giants such as Apple and Google. However, one thing has stayed the same for the past twenty years – its logo.

Mastercard_new_logo-1200x865MasterCard has issued over 2.3 billion credit cards making its symbol one of the most widely distributed and recognizable symbols in modern times. This new design and logo will make it easier for MasterCard to be more flexible across different platforms, and it will be more complementary to credit cards with differing designs. To learn more about the rebrand, check out the article here.