June 24, 2015 | News

#NCSC15 Recap

This week, part of the REACTOR team traveled to New Orleans for the National Charter Schools Conference 2015. Not only was this our fourth year creating the conference design and marketing, but this was also the second year we presented our Brand Impact Workshop at the conference and it was a big hit!


Some of our trip highlights:


Jumping right into the New Orleans culture


We got to ride on a float in a Mardi Gras style parade that was hosted by the conference! No better way to experience the New Orleans lifestyle than by throwing beads, cups and stuffed animals to thousands of onlookers from a real Mardi Gras float.


Our Brand Impact Workshop

Evaluations haven’t gotten back to us yet, but several attendees commented that our Brand Impact Workshop was the highlight of their experience at the conference! Last year our workshop was the #1 rated session, so we’re very excited to see the rest of the feedback!


Seeing more than a year’s worth of work come to life


National Alliance for Public Charter Schools has been an awesome client for more than four years. We’ve worked closely with their team to create everything from the branding and theme to buttons, stickers and signage, making it one of the most dynamic and well-designed conferences in the country. It was very cool and satisfying to see our finished work all over the conference and New Orleans!