October 18, 2018 | Advice


In horror movies, what (or who) you sometimes think might be dead isn’t actually dead. The antagonist you thought died from that blunt force trauma comes back to strike at the least suspecting times or they come back as zombies that you have to run away from. In the real world however, trends come back from the dead all the time without the heebie-jeebies (at least, we hope not). Here are four trends that have resurrected in 2018 that we think are worth keeping around!

1. Return of the 90's
Scrunchies, Fuller House, neon colors, and tiny sunglasses. What year is it? In both the fashion and TV world, the 90s are back with a vengeance. We don’t have to list all of the shows that are back or “hot” fashion items the kids are sporting again to convince you otherwise. And it’s not just popular culture that’s been affected. You can find specks of 1990s in the design world as well: bold neon colors, abstract shapes and even some fonts have made their way back to the mainstream. The tubular 90s are what’s current and we’re not complaining.

2. "We F&#$)% Up"
Whether it’s stealing your information or the CEO spouting off nonsense in an interview, some companies have made their way back after large PR crises this year. For some companies, one PR nightmare might send them to their graves, but with the right apology and seemingly genuine plan to improve, companies like Uber, Facebook and Wells Fargo have been making their way back from the dead. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s about acting on your promises to improve that will help you rise. Whether or not these companies will last is still up in the air, but at least they’re taking the right steps to live another day!

3. Being Sketchy
Before computers and fancy software, designers had to use pen, pencil and paper. As technologies have evolved, it became easier, cheaper and more convenient to use fonts that were already created, photos that were already taken and graphics that were already made. What we’re seeing more and more now is that we’ve circled back to the hand-drawn and homemade world. More than ever, consumers are craving authentic and personalized experiences from brands they support. The design world is answering to this desire with the resurrection of custom illustrated logos, collateral and fonts. Shirts with brand logos that have been mass produced don’t always cut it anymore. Just take a look at your hippest local breweries and coffee shops to see this trend living in your go-to spots.

4. Print Isn’t Dead.
These days, consumers are much more particular about what they want in their email inboxes. With super easy ways to unsubscribe and get that 25% off code elsewhere, people are less likely to open generic, vague emails to get information about the latest offers or new arrivals. Just think about it in your own lives: as exciting as a coupon or birthday gift might be for xXsoccerchick234Xx, there’s a reason why you probably don’t use your professional or work email to get on those lists. Brands have taken notice and started hitting the old-fashioned mailbox once again! While email is still an effective way to reach your audiences, make sure your marketing efforts have multi-channel touch points that hit both kinds of mailboxes. Don’t go around haunting people without any strategy though. For tips and inspiration on how to stand out in the traditional mail space, check out our recent blog post!