January 27, 2016 | Awesome

OP Jeep Donation to KCC School Fundraiser Means More Adventure for Clifton (and REACTOR)!

Say hello to "ROCKY", Clifton Alexander's latest and greatest adventure-mobile!

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This bad boy was up for grabs with a one-year lease (at the generous donation of Overland Park Jeep) at Kansas City Christian School's fundraising gala back in November. The dealership packed a 2016 model with strands upon strands of Christmas lights, and at $100 a guess, fundraiser attendees could take a stab at exactly how many bulbs were inside while simultaneously making generous contributions to the school.


Clifton, whose children attend the school, was present that night with wife Holly, and as a long-time Jeep admirer, he felt compelled to make a guess. His initial approach was to make a random guess, but Holly, who is an accountant, advised him to figure out how many lights there were to a strand and how many strands in the car in order to come up with a more educated guess. So as anyone with the name Chuck Norris in their creative title would, Clifton got serious.

Using some superior math and visual savvy, he counted about eight strands of mini lights, seven or eight strands of medium sized light bulbs, and a net of lights. With those accounted for, he pulled up the Home Depot website on his phone to check how many bulbs are typical of each type of strand. The total came to somewhere between 1250 and 1300. A critical thought occurred to him, though: there were probably more lights buried underneath the visible ones. To compensate for these hidden bulbs, he tacked on an extra 150 and came up with a grand total of 1453 to submit as his final guess.

A bit further into the night, the hosts of the event broke from the live auction to announce the top ten closest guesses for the Jeep, and lo and behold, our fearless leader was amongst them. Then the announcement came: "…and the winner, with a guess of 1453—” and Clifton was ecstatic, to say the least.


When asked what color Jeep he'd be getting, he, of course, said orange. The 2015 models were the last Jeeps to come in our vibrant, REACTOR hue, though, so Clifton selected a sleek steel-silver from the new 2016 models. He hasn't let that put a damper on his enthusiasm, though. In fact, he's made a brand new Instagram account to let everyone see how well he'll be putting that one-year lease to use. Follow @rockythejeep for all the latest epic adventures in four-wheeling, rough-mudding, and snow-bonzin'! Clifton will also make updates on the detailed design elements that Jeep has worked into their latest line—some of these hidden treasures might even make you consider getting your own!

As for Clifton, he's beyond excited for the year to come. As a business leader, taco lunch chauffeur, and a father of three, Jeep ownership hasn't been the most practical option. In fact, one of the questions he was asked most the night of his auction-win was, "How are you going to fit the baby in there?" and his response: "Who cares? I won a freaking Jeep! I'll figure it out." After a 365-day test drive, he's sure to consider getting a Jeep of his own, so enjoy this year’s adventures with Rocky!


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