July 6, 2011 | Awesome

Our new business cards!

[gallery] Our new business cards! We’ve gone with a plastic card this time which is somewhat of an experiment with process, texture and material. It’s a clear card with matte ink on both sides. Pretty standard. BUT, we took the process of stamping numbers on a credit card and used it to stamp 10 or so sayings on to the cards. We found out that the stamping machine works with variable data, so technically, every single card could have a different message stamped into it. We also played around with placement of the message and found that we could place it anywhere. For the logo, we wrapped a sticker that we were able to print in full color and includes an employee specific QR code that goes directly to a swag request page. As usual, this has been a somewhat experimental process for us, but the results are awesome! There are a TON of things you can do with these types of cards. this is just one idea.