May 28, 2015 | Events

Q&A with the Bourgmont Brewing Co.

The presence of Bourgmont Brewing Co. and their specialty beer at our First Fridays shows has become so regular, we have lost count of the actual number of times they have been here. Since they are basically part of the team now, we thought it was time to get to know the beer brewing duo better before their return at our June show #BricksofAwesome. We talked to one of the founders, Phillip Wolff, to get the full story…

Tell us about the peeps at Bourgmont Brewing Co.

Although Zach and I grew up in Leawood, attending the same schools and such, we didn’t really reconnect until a couple years after college. However, our moms actually grew up in the same small town in the middle of Kansas, which is pretty crazy. My girlfriend Meagan has been such an integral part of Bourgmont, and actually deserves more credit than either Zach or me.


What’s the story behind how Bourgmont Brewing Co. got started?

Well, Zach, Meagan and I have always loved Boulevard, just like every other red-blooded Kansas Citian, but I was super into Belgian and German beers before I lived in Europe during 2012/2013. During my stay, I was able to try all sorts of awesome things that weren’t available in the US. Back home, the craft beer scene was thriving, but I felt like it hit a ceiling. When I came back stateside, I tried my first Hop Slam and Parabola within the first month of landing in KC, and realized the US beer scene was about to take a giant turn into a new and exciting territory. I tasted flavors far more rich than the Europeans had to offer, and saw the out-of-control experiments some of the US breweries were trying to push to the public. Zach and I were grabbing a drink one afternoon after reconnecting and we basically had a ‘eureka moment’ while nursing heavy buzzes. I think I said something to the extent of, “Dude, we could brew stuff like this.”


How is Bourgmont Brewing Co. different from other brewers?

We don’t have beards, haha. Actually, we’re just delusional homebrewers who love sharing our beers with unsuspecting audiences. As we’ve gotten out there and talked to more and more people, we’ve done our best to do food pairings with whatever beer we happen to have on tap - it’s pretty fun to see what turns out and what doesn’t.


What is your favorite part about brewing beer?

The camaraderie. There’s an entire community of helpful individuals in the brewing community who all want each other to succeed. Especially now since we’re really seeing something special happening in the Crossroads with the emergence of four breweries essentially opening on the same block. I mean, I challenge you to find another city in the world that has that type of thing going on. It’s the perfect storm in KC right now. #BrewmudaTriangle!


What’s the most unique beer you have brewed?

We like to screw around with flavors and ideas that pop into our head. We have a lot of conversations starting with, “What if we brewed…?” and sometimes we just brew beers that are totally based on inside jokes revolving around stupid puns we could name the beer after. That being said, I think the most unique beer we ever brewed was for REACTOR, actually! It was a taco-themed show, so we grilled some cactus and threw it into the beer. Wasn’t as mind-blowing as you’d think, but it was fun to try out.


What do you foresee in the future of Bourgmont Brewing Co.?

We would love to get a brewpub going in KC, but it’s a lot harder than you would think to get started. Everyone wants to be different and new, and we’ve got some real creative folks here in town. We’re both pretty young guys, so we’re happy where we are right now doing underground dinners, parties, and pairings. Kansas City is one of the most exciting and innovative places in the world right now, so we won’t be leaving anytime soon – we’re just excited for the future! For more information and to keep up-to-date on the show, visit the Facebook Event.


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