June 8, 2015 | News


A day in the life of an intern at the World Headquarters of Awesome

You may be wondering, what is it like to intern at the World Headquarters of Awesome? Here’s a first hand account from the current marketing and business development intern, Laura Haskell:

Q: What is the work environment like at REACTOR?

A: Very open. Lots of orange. REACTOR isn’t your typical office building–you won’t be stuck in a cubicle. Every aspect from the people to the wall of crazy orange objects is unique and reflects REACTOR’s creative personality. It has a great atmosphere, I feel comfortable talking to anyone in the studio which makes it a great place to come to work everyday.


Q: What are some of your daily responsibilities?

A: Today I wrote posts for the blog, created and managed REACTOR’s social media content (Twitter and Facebook), helped prepare proposals for clients, and made the weekly email. Typically I write news releases and communicate with contacts for upcoming events too–just depends on the day.


Q: What is something unique you’ve experienced at REACTOR that you didn’t expect?

A: I was fortunate to begin interning at REACTOR while the previous marketing and business and development intern was still here. I hadn’t heard of this happening normally with internships before, but it has helped tremendously. The previous intern was able to give me all of her documents, resources, etc. and teach me exactly how to do things. She was also there if I had any questions while I was becoming accustomed to everything, which made the transition smooth and I am very thankful for.


Q: How has this internship helped your prepare for your future?

A: Coming into this internship I had lots of book knowledge from classes about marketing and business, but not very much “real world” experience. I have been here less than a month and have already been exposed to and helped with all aspects of REACTOR’s marketing. This has also been a great networking opportunity. I get to go to meetings and events in the community, which has helped me build connections. For more information and how to apply, click here.