August 10, 2017 | Awesome

Ten’s Company

By: Lauren Muth
Oh, hello there! We thought we'd GIF you a chance to see us as our own modern-day sitcom intro! We can guarantee anyone scrolling through our daily messages will find we almost exclusively communicate with one another through these moving images. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to GIF-ify some of our friendly faces around the office and add a few quirky facts about each of our characters. Don't be surprised if you walk through our doors and see anything different...
Clifton Alexander, "Creative Chuck Norris"
Favorite Orange Thing: My 12 pairs of orange shoes.
What People Don’t Know: One of my first jobs I got paid $25/hour but I hated it so much I quit after 1 month.
What I Love About REACTOR: It's the BEST!
Rachel Donovan, CEO
Favorite Orange Thing: CHEEZ-ITS
What People Don’t Know: I'm a big condiment fan. BIG condiment fan. The more sauces the better.
What I Love About REACTOR: The people. I'm always excited to come to work for some good conversation. The design part is pretty cool, too.
Traci Ketter, Associate-Principal Integrated Central Division Operational Initiatives Strategist
Favorite Orange Thing: My orange "signed contract" bell
What People Don’t Know: That I'm secretly jealous of Travis's superior Friends trivia knowledge.
What I Love About REACTOR: The people.
Jenny Lee, Basic Soccer Mom
Favorite Orange Thing: Peeled oranges
What People Don’t Know: I'm probably the worst millennial out there.
What I Love About REACTOR: Da peepz and all the small & big adventures we get to go on (aka snack walks to the gas station).
Megan McClure, Happy Hour Enthusiast
Favorite Orange Thing: Cheese balls / Cheetos 
What People Don’t Know: I regularly drop movie quotes/try to apply them to most conversations. Never underestimate a good quote placement!
What I Love About REACTOR: For me, it's not the what, but the who. My coworkers are hilarious, witty and make each day fun and different. Can't ask for more than that!
Lauren Muth, Lil’ Camera Ninja
Favorite Orange Thing: Nemo & Marlin
What People Don’t Know: I'm teaching myself how to beatbox on the flute.
What I Love About REACTOR: We eat tacos even on days which are not Tuesday.
Tyler Price, Provisional Project Performer
Favorite Orange Thing: Frank Ocean's "Channel Orange"
What People Don’t Know: I'd like to write a book someday!
What I Love About REACTOR: This may get mushy, but here goes. I had been applying for a lot of internships and kept getting turned away. As an older, non-traditional student it started to feel like I wasn't gonna get a shot to work somewhere and get the experience I needed to get a job someday. REACTOR seemed to really get me from the jump and gave me the opportunity I needed. I felt immediately valued and accepted and that was awesome for me.
Travis Stewart, Head Whistler
Favorite Orange Thing: Carrot Cake
What People Don’t Know: I dressed up as Batman for Halloween 3 years in a row.
What I Love About REACTOR: It's got a good vibe.
Julie Walter, Visual Virtuosa
Favorite Orange Thing: I only like turquoise things.
What People Don’t Know: I love 70's music.
What I Love About REACTOR: Having deep, thoughtful conversations about everything from sitcoms to sandwiches.
Chase Wilson, Head of Meeting Derailment
Favorite Orange Thing: Orange Julius
What People Don’t Know: I spend waaaaay too much time on the internet.
Well, there ya go. A little behind-the-scenes peek of who we are and what makes our studio so great. We hope to meet you outside of our internet GIFs (in person!) and work with you soon.