March 21, 2018 | Advice

The Empathy Challenge

4 questions to kickstart your empathy strategy!

How well do you know your target audience? Challenge yourself to dig a little deeper with these questions to unearth important insights that will guide marketing efforts and shape your brand.



Where do they find inspiration or industry trends?

This question helps define what your audience is hearing and seeing. What (or who) is influencing their decisions? Are you part of that conversation? If so, does your message align with what they’re looking for? If not, how can you better position yourself?


What are the driving factors for their decisions?

Are they environmental factors like features, time or cost? Or are they emotional, like personal relationships or comfort level. This question allows you to get into the head of your audience and see how they think. Knowing these driving forces and prioritizing them will help you determine if you are an ally in their decision-making process or if you’re unintentionally creating a barrier.


What is frustrating them?

What’s keeping them up at night? This question requires you to truly empathize with your audience and get to the heart of how they feel. Do you know what obstacles they’re facing? What are their pain points? With an understanding of the negative forces they’re up against, you can learn how to make their experience with you a positive one.



How do they find you?

Similar to Question #1, this question asks what your audience is actively doing to find you and learn more about your company or product. Does the call to action you have out there align with how you want them to communicate with you? Learning this discovery process is key to creating marketing that meets them in the right place at the right time.

By having a genuine understanding of your audience’s actions and motivations, you can support your brand promise with a strategy rooted in empathy. Challenge yourself to ask these questions and see where you can make some positive change!