April 16, 2015 | Awesome

Thinking Differently: Southwest Airlines Edition

When we give presentations on branding, we often use Southwest Airlines as an example for one of our core brand pillars, Differentiation. Southwest has a long history of doing things differently, from no assigned seats to free checked bags, even as other airlines have continued to cut perks and charge fees for things like carry-on bags or in-flight soft drinks.

Now, Southwest has announced that they will offer wider seats for passengers at no extra cost, reversing the trends of other airlines who are increasingly shrinking seat width and leg room (and Southwest’s own seat shrinking rollout just a few years ago). The new Southwest seats even weigh less than the current model, so the airline will reap benefits through fuel efficiency. By continuing to think differently about their business, Southwest has managed to do what other airlines haven’t been able to figure out (and they did it without jeopardizing profitability), while making a move that will certainly reinforce the loyalty of their devoted fans.

Here’s the full article in the Kansas City Business Journal