Henry Wurst Printing

Dimensional Direct Mail Campaign

direct mail / packaging / sales promotion / print design

Henry Wurst is one of the largest and most well-established print companies in the Midwest. It takes a print-lover to know a print-lover, so the marketing team at Henry Wurst turned to us to help create an innovative direct mail piece that would drive sales. By building upon their company belief that the key to success is strong partnership between printer and client, we created a concept that brought this relationship to life…in the form of chips and salsa. As a beloved combination, the chips and salsa metaphor played out through the design and messaging of the entire piece, tying it all back to Henry Wurst and their relationship with their clients. The overall goal was to encourage the recipient to meet with a sales rep and kickoff their own perfect partnership with the company.

This is an ongoing campaign with the Henry Wurst team and they continue to have major success with the sales kits. The piece has allowed their sales team to make connections where the opportunity may have been extremely slim before. Of the ones they’ve distributed thus far, they are having conversations with 25% and appointments with 10% of recipients. 

The Perfect Combo kit has really engaged both our sales team and our prospects. We just won a $60,000 order that was triggered by our use of the Perfect Partners campaign. We've had other smaller wins, but that's a big one we can attribute to the effort. Way to go!