KVC Health Systems

nonprofit / concept development / fundraising / event invitation

KVC Gala 2017 Invitation, “Gala at the Station”

KVC Health Systems is a non-profit organization focused on providing medical and behavioral healthcare, social services and education to children and families. Their biggest fundraiser of the year is to raise money for the organization and the people it helps. 

Eye-catching design and awe-inspiring takeaway pieces are an area of expertise for REACTOR and our design team aims to show that talent in a big way while working on the yearly KVC Gala invitation. Each year, KVC wishes to promote their event with bright, colorful mailers and invitations without appearing cliché or overdone. 

Every year, our goal is to build on the excitement of the previous year’s event to create something fresh and new for the upcoming year. The invitation process begins with a brainstorm with the KVC development team to conceptualize an overall event theme. This
is a collaborative process in which we consider the target audience, event location, featured activities and fundraising strategy. After we establish a theme, we begin design development of the look and feel of the event, as well as event materials. We create pieces such as a save the date postcard, invitation and sponsor mailer.