Mainstar Trust

Renaming and Brand Development

branding / collateral / website / advertising

Founded in 1978, The First Trust Company of Onaga held a legacy as a dependable trust company with loyal, established customers. As their company grew and technology evolved, they knew they needed to reach a larger (and younger) audience and felt that their brand could use a fresh look and a new voice. We began our partnership by establishing a new name for the company—Mainstar Trust—that honed in on the concept that a retirement plan is a journey and Mainstar is there to help navigate. The new brand fully embraced the theme with navigation symbols, map textures and a modern, approachable color palette. We also overhauled the website design, providing the user with clear paths to navigate the site and the ability to quickly access information and important forms. To help introduce customers and company employees to Mainstar Trust, we established a campaign to roll-out the new brand over a few months time. By working closely with Mainstar to learn about their audience and goals, we were able to successfully implement an entirely new brand that received positive feedback and acceptance from everyone involved.


"REACTOR did an amazing job creating our new brand following our name change to Mainstar Trust. They are professional, helpful, organized, timely … and so clever! We love working with REACTOR."