Mutual Musicians Foundation International

Centennial Brand Development

nonprofit / branding / collateral / event marketing / website

To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Local 627 African-American Musicians Union coming up in 2017, we worked with the Mutual Musicians Foundation International (MMFI) to create an energetic brand specifically for the anniversary events. Inspiration for the brand came from a treble clef neon sign that once hung outside the MMFI building, marking it as a hub for Kansas City jazz. Using this colorful new brand, we developed a full marketing campaign for the 2015 Art of Kansas City Swing Jazz Festival. This campaign included both print and digital materials to promote the festival and highlight the rich history of jazz in KC.

β€œThe value that the project contributed to MMFI is substantial in that it gave a professional, modern look to our organization, which has historically relied on inconsistent marketing materials from various volunteers and groups. The new identity that REACTOR developed will provide a solid foundation and will be instrumental in inspiring new audiences to discover MMFI.”